Monday, July 4, 2011

Mask Making : acrylic paints

 This blank mask was purchased from Dharma Trading Co.  They give better deals the more you buy so ask around if your friends are making masks too and share the savings.

This satin half face runs between $3-4.

Materials:  Mask, Pencil, Sharpie, craft acrilic paints in Blue, Yellow and Red. A pallet (can be anything from a paper plate, empty lid or wax paper).  Clear Fixative spray.     If a central medallion is wanted~ costume jewelry, feathers and epoxy glue.

1. First pencil lightly onto the mask the outline of the desired design.

2. To achieve the color spectrum effect of this mask start painting one side of the mask blue, within the pencil lines.  About half way through the first eye put yellow on your pallet and mix a little blue into that to get green. 
 Paint the green overlapping the blue slightly and then over the bridge of the nose to the next eye.

Wash the brush and then paint with just yellow, over lapping slightly on the green.  Transition the same way to orange.  (Start with yellow and add red to it)  And finish with red.

3.  Trace the outline in sharpie to clean up the edges and add contrast.

4.  Spray it with a clear fixative to protect your creation.

5.  Use 2 part Epoxy to affix the feathers and finding where you want it on the mask, carefully following the directions for the epoxy in applying pressure and allowing sufficient time to cure.

Total costs for this mask: ~$7
 blank mask $4,
feathers .25 each,
jeweled finding $2 ? (donated by Dawn C. Thank you.)
epoxy, paints...  .50 worth of the bottles?


Completed, January 2011 C.