Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mask Making : Feather Face

This mask is comfortable to wear and fun to make, particularly because I didn't have instructions and just made it up on the fly. 

This mask blank was purchased at Dharma Trading Co. and runs about $1.50. It's a flexible foam covered in a satin fabric.

Materials:  Mask blank, bag of small feathers, trim, small pointed scissors, fabritac. 

1.  Widen the eye holes.  A mask should make you look cool and mysterious.  That's difficult to do when walking into walls and tripping over chairs.  And I don't even have the excuse of a mask most of the time.

The mask is yours, you bought it, you can change it.

Draw wider lines around and cut one eye hole with scissors.  Then use the off cut that was just removed to trace around the second eye hole so that they match.

Of course, you can just eyeball it.  :)

2.  Cut the feathers a few at a time, only by snipping the center spine of the quill and pulling the feathers apart. 

It's a much more natural and artistic shape.

It will also greatly reduce the amount of small feather bits floating around your workspace.

For the sake of future clarification: the 'point' is the top of the triangle shape, the 'tips' are the 2 pronged pieces.

3.  To glue, put a small dot of glue on the mask and gently place the point of the feather in it.  Use only enough glue to get it to stick, not enough to goop up the whole feather. 

Start attaching them with glue at the upper corners and work over the forehead piece toward the bridge of the nose, slightly overlapping the tips each feather with the previous one.  Return to that upper corner, and continue around the outer edges of the cheek to the nose again.  Let the tips of the feathers hang off the edge of the mask.

4.  Fill in around the eyes with the tips of the feather pointing out and overlapping the previous layer.

5.  Glue thin trim around the eye holes to define them and cover up the exposed points. Add any additional gems as please your taste.

This mask cost about $3 to make.

Wear and enjoy